Hudnut LED Lighting Solutions has its national headquarters in Oregon and has sales representatives in Washington, California, and Hawaii as well as an emerging national network of commercial electrical distributors, energy service companies (ESCO), and lighting showrooms.

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Hudnut manufacturers its line of industrial LED lighting in the Portland, Oregon area using high quality CREE brand LEDs and is working to bring additional industrial LED lighting product manufacturing to the United States. Hudnut’s comprehensive selection of LED products include LED industrial lighting, commercial LED lighting, retrofit LED bulbs, retrofit LED T8 lamps, LED street lights, flood LED outdoor lights, residential retrofit LED interior lights, as well as custom LED lighting applications. Hudnut also has its own R&D and engineering teams which utilize the latest in electronics technology and CREE brand chips for our clients’ custom applications. Some of these LED industrial lighting custom applications have in included deep water dive camera lights to simple exterior fixture retrofit kits and led light points powered by a battery pack to help professional swimmers evaluate their swimming efficiency.

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